Just Keep Going

Just keep going. The thought that was going through all of our riders minds on day 2 of our trip as they climbed 36 miles up the Cascade Mountains in Washington and the thought that is constantly going through my head as I try to find them housing each night.

On day 1 of our trip, we had no plans for housing and the only contact we had from last years team made weed cookies and didn’t have a phone. Gio, the other support driver, and I were frantically looking and at each stop the boys would ask us if we had any leads.  I would sadly respond with a no. I felt like I was letting them down. They were biking 85 miles that day pushing their bodies to the max. I was sitting in a car and failing at my only job.

After our third stop Gio got on the phone and called Citipoint Church in Marblemount, Washington. The pastor’s wife, Nikki, answered the phone and told us she had no housing for us, but she wanted to know more about our cause. We started telling her about the ride and what we were doing it for and after a couple more questions and some brief answers, she offered to let us stay at the church. She started to give us the address, but the service in the mountains is terrible and we started to lose our call.

Nikki could sense the call was about to drop and calmly said, “I don’t know if you can hear me, but just keep going. Come to the church. Just keep going.” Chills were sent down my spine. Not only did we have a place to sleep, but how many times in our walk with God does He whisper, “Just keep going.”

Pastor Matt and the Ride for Water Team

Just keep going and I will take care of everything. Just keep going and your worries will be put to rest. Just keep going and I will show you that I AM God! I always had a sense that I would see God provide for us on this trip, but I never thought it would be this powerful on the first day.

Citipoint was a huge blessing. They housed us, they fed us, and the church just so happens to be a food bank so we stocked up on snacks for the next couple of days. Since then God has continued to provide for our needs. He has placed us in homes where we are treated like family and he has provided funds to fix a broken transmission. It’s crazy to think that it’s only day 4. Here’s to the other 46 days ahead of us and all the new adventures along the way.



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